Meet the Dicksons:

Jerry and Vicki Dickson, founders of Twin Peaks Medical Billing, have amassed years of experience working in bush Alaska and across the nation. Jerry, born and raised in Nome, Alaska, is a member of Bering Straits Native Corporation and has worked extensively with various native corporations in finance and information technology. Vicki brings years of extensive knowledge and hands on experience to the table in regards to revenue cycle management enhanced by her expertise in hospital information systems. Twin Peaks partners with the tribes of rural Alaska in helping them effectively implement their revenue cycle requirements while mentoring them to best serve their people.

Our History:

Our history with Critical Access Hospitals in Bush Alaska, includes re-engineering of automated billing systems and working with billing departments to achieve a reduction of days in A/R by 67% while increasing cash receipts by 200%! While we cannot guarantee results like those above, we can guarantee that our focused efforts will insure that you will get the most from your facilities’ resources.